Moonwalking into the VIP Big Top

We've got a brilliant new addition to the lineup in the VIP Big Top and we're sure you're going to love who we've got lined up!


We're very pleased to announce that Robert Alexander Giles, a tribute to Michael Jackson, will be appearing in the VIP Big Top on Saturday 16th August 2014.

Robert Alexander Giles is a rare find amongst the many Michael Jackson Tributes in the industry to date, the difference between Robert and other Michael Jackson tributes is his voice. Robert Alexander  Giles vocal skills, pitch and control are so close to the legend  Michael Jackson, that many are convinced he mimes! Robert sings 100% LIVE throughout the whole show.

Robert teamed with his explosive live band - 'Another Part Of Me' [4 professional musicians, all with a pedigree second to none] and performs 100% LIVE. Be prepared to be amazed whilst you get taken on a journey of rediscovery of all the MJ classics. This show is set to be a 'Thriller'!

Make sure you don't miss out and head to the VIP Big Top on Saturday 16th August, 22.15 - 23.00

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