Fancy Dress

It's time to get fancy...the themes for Tribfest 2021 are finalised 🤩

Thursday – Worst Wigs 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤

Let’s hair it for the worst wigs! We want to be shocked and appalled by the total rubbish that we see on your heads on Thursday. Whether it’s a neon green mullet, a perm gone wrong or whatever else you can create…we can’t wait!

**Don’t forget to buy your early entry ticket to get the best pitches and see some incredible acts on Thursday night at Tribfest 2021.**

Friday – T for Tribfest 🌳🧻🐢🚕🏸🎺🚂🚽☎️🧸

This one is pretty self-explanatory think of something or someone that starts with a T and dress up as it/them. Better get your dictionaries out eh? If you don’t have one or it’s too covered in dust to read then here’s a link with pages of ideas

Saturday – Yabba Dabba Do Day 🦖🐾🗿

We're taking Tribfest to the stone age, think Fred Flintstone at a least you don't have to wash your hair today.

So, dig out your bones and shake off your faux's it's time to get cavey!!!

We've got some BIG surprises in store for that day so be sure to keep a lookout and “Hold onto your butts.”

Sunday – Lazy Sundazeee 😴🛌🌝

We know it’s a busy few days so thought we’d give you a bit of a lie in on Sunday to save your energy for the last day and night of madness. So, wear your best PJ’s/onsies/nighties and we’ll be the comfiest and snuggest festival ever! Also, at the end of the night you can just flop into bed!

Have a look through the previous years photos for some inspiration!

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